Listed below are the qualifications for membership in the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association, as noted in the by-laws of the association.

Members of the S.H.C.A. must be employed by a hotel having a transient clientele and work at a desk located in the main lobby of such hotel, from which they provide services to all guests of the hotel. The hotel must be located within the Seattle city limits. The lobby desk must be open year-round, have signage indicating the presence of the Concierge staff and employ at least one full-time Concierge. Concierges employed only to provide services other than standard Concierge services (i.e.: food service, check-in or luggage handling) shall not be considered for membership. Concierges employed at a desk located in a retail, apartment, condominium or corporate location will not be considered for membership.

The amount of hours worked at the above-mentioned desk to maintain membership in the SHCA, while suggested to be 24 per month will be monitored and left up to the discretion of the Chef Concierge of each property.

To maintain membership in the SHCA a minimum amount of participation is required. During any one calendar year (January to December) a member must attend at least 3 scheduled monthly meetings and 8 scheduled SHCA events. All SHCA events and meetings will be listed on a monthly calendar and that monthly calendar will be updated on the SHCA web site on a regular basis. Last minute supplements to the calendar will be sent personally to each member's desk, so as to schedule attendance at these functions. Events that have invitations sent to selective Concierge (i.e.: invitations sent to one hotel but not another or one Concierge at a desk but not the others) will not be considered as SHCA scheduled events. In the event that a Concierge cannot make the required number of meetings or events, due to personal obligations, a meeting can be made up with an event or an event can be made up with a meeting.

It is the duty of each individual Concierge to make arrangements with their Chef Concierge to be able to attend these events. It is also the responsibility of each member to speak with the Vice President of Membership (or another member of the Board) if they are requesting consideration be made to any of the above mentioned rules.

The goal of the SHCA is to have a body of members made up of interested, active participants who truly want to be members. Not attendees who feel obligated or pressured to be members for any reason.

(Because of the above-mentioned rules, some hotel properties may have Concierges who are members and some who are not.)

Members who adhere to the above-mentioned by-law will remain on the SHCA roster, those who do not will be removed.

*If you are interested in membership in the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association, and you are an individual that is currently working at a property that is already affiliated with the S.H.C.A, click here (Member Application) for an application.
Instructions are listed on the application, but feel free to contact any officer of the S.H.C.A. with questions.

*If you are a new hotel property and are interested in joining the S.H.C.A. so that your Concierges can be members, click here (Hotel Application) for an application.